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Ok, is there something I can help with?

I need all the map ideas that would fit in the map

By memory capacity

Ok, what is the theme?

So in Roblox, you can play many games, so like mini games?

Yeah, I play roblox, quite good at certain games, but the theme I am wanting is map theme, example: sci-fi, medieval, etc.

What type of minigames?

Like obby’s, mazes, clicker, those things.

Any adventure ones, OWO, CTF, maybe battle royale, maybe 2 more, but battle royale uses a lot of memory

I can help with mazes

Wait I gtg

I love it!
Thank you for the obby idea! And @ThatGim, I’d love it if you could do that!

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Yeah, so you are wanting a game like big paintball, it has 3 different types of maps, KOTH, FFA, and TDM. But along those lines, correct?

Not like that, I want multiple maps in one, not one game with multiple maps.
I meant maps as games

I can, but it would have to be like a don’t touch obby, the kill blocksort of things.

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Yeah, like that, it has 3 different modes, on 8 different maps. So obby, maze, CTF, escaperoom, collecter(find items or props).

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Can you simplify the part about:

Ok so the jist is, one game(or map) has 3 different styles, which means diffenent types of games, in the main game(basically what you are wanting) and those games will take place on 8 different map( aka like rooms to play in/on).

I wont be able to access the wix until at the very latest after school hours.