Roblox - ABCD - Help

I could do something where I put the code and delete it, as it goes away in 15 minutes, so it won’t get flagged

What are the rooms? Are they themes?

do it in a private one to each person I wont be on for awhile

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The rooms are like maps and they are all the same theme, you can make yours different.

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Thank you! Can I private message you a code at like 5:30?

I believe so, I will confirm when the time comes.

big brother

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idk i was jst suggesting how to enter a certain game.


But i loved it! Thank you


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Oh crap I completly forgot, we are going to have to make the maze tomorrow, I’m really sorry

I was busy dealing with a personal matter I apologize.

no it is ok see u tomorrow i also have to work with @Gimkitsuggestor on his chat!

hi @ABCD
i have a question on ur map
so far
what games do u have?


I haven’t done anything!

feel free to add suggestions!

Why? @RektRainbow I could use some suggestions to replace the collector game, otherwise, I am set.

these are what I have so far.

oh sorry for going afk i got lost in wix.
you could have a shooting game
where you hit the most sentries (1 hp, updates a counter) and whoever has the most points (hits) at the end wins that??


maybe, anything else?
I love your suggestion though

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