Respawn at a Certain Place

How can I make a player respawn at a certain spawn pad? I’m making a snowy survival game, but I don’t want players to respawn at the main spawn pad.

Why are you talking about yourself like that


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Yeah, this is actually kinda annoying. I wish there was a way to set spawn pads to different times other than just Game and Pre game. Anyways, what I just end up doing is putting a trigger or zone on the spawn pad, and making it so if it is a specific team, it would teleport the player to an invisible teleporter at the desired location.

Maybe after first death, they get team switched to a new team pad?

just use teleporters
set the teleporter to invisible, add a knockout manager: “player knocked out”->“teleport player here”
wait, is that possible

Surprisingly, yes. I had to wire it to believe it.

yeah i’ve done that a ton. sad nobody answered this in forever. 26 days until the answer… wow

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well it said 26 days later, and i didn’t bother to count the hours and do the math…

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Once a question gets buried, it rarely resurfaces…

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