[ 📰 Resources] Resources for FNAF

Hey, I’m in there!!!


this is unneeded as the fnaf tag exists.


True, but most new users don’t use the search bar, so having one guide with tons of guides on it helps solve that. So it is fine.


If you can please change my plushtrap guide link to the new remastered one so new users don’t use the old one.

sure, may i have the new link?

okay here is the link.


Its updated, let me know if i missed anything!

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AMAZING guide, @WolfTechnology! Hopefully, this will decrease clutter from new making-FNAF guides.

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Can you add ma animtronic guide @WolfTechnology

sure, if you give me a link i can add it for you.


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Its added, let me know if i missed anything!

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I found this. this might help you.

This has already been added, but thank you for trying to help. :slight_smile:

Oh, ok. I tried though


I made a FNAF map called FNAG
This is the cover page

I released it… Just search up FNAG And it will pop up…

oh and according to law you can’t make the same game but you have to make a fan made game to make fnaf

it is a fan game