📰 Resources for Poppy Playtime

Here is the topic for all resources related to Poppy Playtime:


Hello. For a resources page, you can create a tag.

Topics linked to this page will be given a poppy-playtime tag.

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What do you mean, @twofoursixeight?

I think @twofoursixeight means that the guides you put in your guide now have the tag poppy-playtime since you added that tag does that make sense?

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@California_Love do you want others to edit?
if the wiki is only for convenience you should remove wiki

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…There are two guides on this subject.
…Unlike Among Us, Poppy Playtime isn’t like a huge game that a lot of people want to make (at least what I’ve seen).
Just why?


Also, resources in general shouldn’t exist. Tags exist for a reason, and you are tl3. Even now, 2 guides isn’t enough for a tag, nonetheless, an entire guide…

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I don’t mean to speak for @California_Love but, I believe the reason for this source page is exactly the reason why you are “hating” on it. (I know you’re not really hating but, still). It’s to make people excited about this, to inspire people to create guides on this subject. If you look in discovery there are many remakes of poppy playtime! Thats what inspired me to make that wiki!

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I believe tags can replace resources

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I think now that we can make tags and wikis
we no longer need resource pages
we should only need tags and tugs

Yall are speaking in riddles. Could you simplify what you are saying?

Like this makes no sense to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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But—I need to make one for my Baldi’s Basics guides–
could that be the last one? I have plenty of guides for it–
resources… :newspaper:


@Foxy, could I make the last resource page for Baldi’s Basics?
There’s a good reason to make one-I have nearly ten guides on them.
And there’s going to be a lot more.

Plus, Baldi’s Basics is highly underappreciated, might I add.


its just now that we have tags we no longer need resource guides

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Alright. Thanks. I understand. I probably won’t make any more after that.

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I know I’m only tl1 and probably don’t have a say, but this is just sad.

  1. There are barely any guides on this.
  2. There is already a tag on it (why is there a tag, nonetheless 2?)
  3. This just isn’t needed, I’m sorry if I’m being rude and I have no place to correct you but this just seemed like something other and I had to point out.

@California_Love You can delete this if you like. I added a resources section in the Poppy Playtime Wiki.

we agreed there was going to be no more new resources guides because of the same reasons
and welcome! it looks like you did some reading before you joined

Welcome, @phoque!
Yes, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to delete this—it’s alright.
It isn’t a massive issue—I’m sorry, though. :pensive: