[RESOLVED] Implementing an Among Us voting system

No, everyone gets teleported at the same voting zone.

Just FYI make sure firing is disabled at the voting area.

Could you check votes using a relay for all players, along with a checker?

I use texts to display which person you’re voting (which I put next to the button so people know). I use relays that has the relay audience set to “player on specific team” (so it would be in order) wired with the text.

Oh, I didn’t think of that.

This would let you keep everyone on the same team, and vote based off of amount of items.

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But how would I check which person has the highest votes with checkers? Block code is easier right…

Nvm, IDK what I’m doing.

You could give every player an item every time they get voted on, then to figure out who has the most:

Check (for all players) to see if the amount of item is greater than one. If true, relay of all players for them to take away one of the item. If false, check to see if the amount of the item is equal to one. If true, than switch team to spectator.

This might not work. So, be sure to test it. The part I am the most concerned about is the game checking every players inventory to see if even one player has more than one item, and if so, getting rid of one of that item for everyone.


Wait what I thought the highest voted person will get kicked?

That is what it is supposed to do, it finds the heighest voted person, by making them the only person with the item, and then turns all people with the item into spectators.

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I get it now. I’ll test it out tommorow.

@ClicClac can you help me take some screenshots? I can’t figure it out.

Yeah, I’ll add it to my to-do list. It should be done by either Tuesday or Wednesday.


The closest you can get to the among us voting system is by searching through this


I will be releasing a guide on my system soon.
(I know I said this a while back. But that system was flawed. This one is honed to perfection)


Ight bet

Sounds promising!


I’ve seen the screenshot of your system, and dang it looks way complex than mine. How does it work BTW?
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This is how it works. The reason it looks so intimidating is because most of it is just repetition for the potential amount of players.