(Resolved) I need help with making my game switch a random player to a certain team

this should help How to make randomizer 🟧 you can hook it up to a team switcher

What you would need to change tho is the variable from 1 to 2 so it’s 50-50 if you want it that way

I found a really good tutorial for that! It explains it well, as far as I could tell. I’ll post the link in just a sec, gotta find it real quick first. Hang on.

Use a relay that relays for a random player, and wire it to a team switcher! No blocks required!

hold on what, you are telling me I could have done that!?!?

Got it! Here it is! Don’t be deceived by the title, How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: 🟩

funny thing it was made by him

I was just thinking that lol

Yup! Hi Blackhole! Nice to see you again!

I never knew a relay could do a random player, also why is this not used in fishing?

Remember not to off topic post, I got half-banned for 2 days for doing that.

Do you mean the random fishing system?

yeah why is that

Relays only can relay events for players. For the fishing system, josh needed to generate fish based off a random chance. Relays can’t be used to generate random numbers, but they can pick random players.

ah I see, I think they should add a randomizer to make things much simpler in the game because it is almost vital in many things, or than can add it in a setting or something.

I was literally typing that while you commented lol!

Oh, that’s a good idea! Like a randomizer that will randomly pick a wire to activate?

more like a general randomizer, like to add random fish, or select a random item to add on a device it’s connected to.

yeah something like that where it when it receives a wire pulse it chooses a random wire to send to and you can choose how random it is

And that could also be a function of it.