Randomized Code [Mini-Guide]

Hello! This is my first ever guide and I made this just in case anyone needs it. I haven’t found any other guides on this so I’ll make this one to help.

Before I start, this guide will be using notifications for this. If you want a popup I’ll have to figure it out and once I do, I’ll update this guide. Or if you know how, please make sure to reply with how.

First, you will need a button and a notification. Wire the button to the notification as Button Pressed → Run Wire Pulse Block. Then, in the notifications wire pulse, have to blocks look like this:
For the random integers you can use any numbers you want.
And that’s all it took! Here is the final product:

Hope it helps and it’ll make your game even better! Enjoy your day/night!

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is this a random number generator?
those already exist

I wasn’t able to find anything on it, so I made one.

there are guides

plus more I’m to lazy to get

That’s true, but I used one with notifications and numbers. Is it still okay?

next time try to find something more original