Random relay help: applying to everyone

Is it possible to make two random relays NOT have a chance of selecting the same player, i’m making a defender game, and I don’t want a player to be the target and assassain.

Other problem: the popups say everyone is a guard, but two of the players aren’t a guard.

You could use this

Teleport them out so they can’t be picked again
And you would have to trigger this twice I think

Try using wire repeaters to delay the signal that goes into the repeater. The relay has to receive a signal to send one, right?

How does that make a player not be picked twice from a random relay? (talking to Coolcaden26)

You’re wiring the relays to a lifecycle, I assume?

Because it sets the property to false and it only runs the action if that property is true
Edit: were you replying to someone else?

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they were…

They did not have that when I originally posted lol

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you can use block code to compare the player names to check
if they switch teams then you just set the relays to random from team 1

So basically, I realized that I was wrong lol. It just delayed the process…

However, using what foxy says:

you can use the wire repeater for one of them to change the input times, which makes both people come from team 1.

How do you do that?

I did a test without using anything, and you are always on team one. There were two random player relays, I was the only one testing, and I was always one team one.

Edit: with more testing, nothing is wrong, the popups aren’t working

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often when specific people get powers you switch them to a new team and give the effects to the team

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so the target and the assassin are both on the same team?

No, you are none of them, you are always a guard, or at least the popup says so.

The majority of people are guards, right?

I’m the only player testing, the popups aren’t working though. The popups say you are a guard, when you are an assassain or target.

You might wanna test with different tabs open as well, in case it works for other tabs. I’ve had problems working with popups too, as in my infection game, I got so frustrated that I just used one popup for the beginnning :frowning:

I’m going to test with more players. (many versions of me)

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Doing the test:
Me: assassain
Tester 1 (second me): Target
Tester 2 (third me): Guard

The relays ae fine, the popups aren’t working.

It says we are all a guard.