Random teleportation inside zones 3/10 🟩

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Ok so have you had a game where you need to teleport a random player inside a zone? I have before to well this guide will help you!
So what are we trying to do? We are trying to teleport a random player inside ~~the map~~ a zone this is ideal for maybe a cops and robbers map where you want to release a random person on your team that is inside of a zone.
Why make this?

You probably are saying “use relays” but its not that simple because in our case it would be inconvenient to have just a random player relay because one of the robbers still running away from the cops will be teleported. [1]

On with the guide!

Place down a zone put these settings into it

Place a property and put these settings into it:

Now those are the basics. Next part!


Place down a trigger with this in it:

Do the same for another trigger and make the blocks and trigger when receiving on both to false

Place down a relay and a button (or whatever you want)

It should look like this :point_up_2:
Settings for button:

Settings for relay:


Add another trigger like this:

Non gif version:


final product:

Now it should work!

Other devices that can be used

Maybe instead of teleporting them it could hide a player- scoped prop
More in this section coming soon!


So this checks if the player [2] is inside the zone, if not repeats until it finds somebody who is inside the zone
*random player

Thanks for reading!

  1. and other reasons ↩︎

  2. random player ↩︎


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This one is inside a zone though

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This is inside zones.

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What should I add?
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Nice Guide, I always wanted to know how to do this!

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there is a much easier way to do this

name: in zone
type: number
default value: 0

zone, counter:
zone: (leave it as it is: default settings)
counter: connect it to the property “in zone”, scope “player”

zone, counter: player enters zone – increment counter
zone, wire repeater (0 secs), counter: leaves zone-- grant pulse, receive pulse-- decrement counter

button, relay, checker, teleporter:
button: (default settings)
relay: random player
checker: property value, “in zone”, equal to 1,
teleporter: (default)

button, relay: button pressed – trigger relay
relay, checker: relay triggered – run check
checker, teleporter: check passes – teleport player here
checker, relay: check fails – trigger relay

this method saves memory!


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