Random Props To Make! (Mildly Hard Difficulty)

Here are some cool stuff to make in Gimkit Creative! Use the “Layers” on your “Top Left” screen so creativity will be easier!

  1. Chessboard
    You need alot of barriers, and 32 texts. You need chess piece emojis of black and white. Go to this website, it’s practically safe [

GetEmoji - Copy & Paste All Emojis From The Emoji Keyboard …


And then copy all of the chess pieces and put them in seperate texts of 2 of the colors! Also here are the emojis.
Black Chess Pawn Symbol
♜ Black Rook

♔ White King

♕ White Queen

♗ White Bishop

♘ White Knight

♙ White Pawn

♖ White Rook

♚ Black King

♛ Black Queen

♝ Black Bishop

♞ Black Knight

:chess_pawn: Black Pawn
And then put them on the chessboard that is like this:

And then top the texts all up, make sure the pieces fit in every square like this:

And do edits in the layers then your done!

2. Rocking Chair
You need alot of Wooden Poles, and a Cutting Board.
To make the legs of the rocking chair, you need to rotate the wooden poles (3 poles) to make a curve for each side
And then build the base then add the cutting board, fix the cutting board in the layers
Then finally, build the top part of the rocking chair and your done!

  1. Proper Present!
    You need 10 Metal Poles, one Barrier, some Basketballs (anything than basketballs if you want your present to have a different design)

Use the metal poles to make an infinity symbol for the ribbon! And add the ribbon to the top of the barrier. You can add a rectangular barrier to make a second ribbon in the middle!
Then put the basketballs around the present and your done!

4. Bee
You’ll need 4 Metal Poles, some Barriers, and 2 White Tables (circular) It can be 2 eyes if you want it to.

Make stripes at the back of your bee and add wings to it like this!
And then do these to make the antennas, edit in the layers so the left antenna hides behind the barrier.

And then add the eyes and your done!
5. Candy Apple
You’ll need a Ceramic Plate, a Wooden Pole and a Text with an Apple Emoji.
Tint the ceramic plate (red) and then place the wooden pole above the apple emoji, and then place the plate underneath the apple like this:
And your done!
That’s all of what I can think of. Thank you for clicking on this!


uh cool
but there are already guides on this

i didn’t see some of my ideas on search, only on my topic though .-. except for chess board

Nice guide! Also I think the art tag isn’t used. . . I might be wrong though

for the barriers i think it would look better if you removed the outlines

just add this to cool things to do with props
we have guides for this


Yeah, you could have just added this to Cool Ways to Use Props [Dificulty :white_large_square: or 0/10]
Cool ways to use props 2.0 (Difficulty :white_large_square: or 0/10).


oh ok thank you all!

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For the chessboard, please get rid of the border and give the barriers 1.00 alpha/opacity.
Also use layers and such to make it nicer.


uh rude.
he actually tried to make a guide.
instead of being mean, give him tips on how to improve it.
and you can’t be talking with your forum guides.


i dont know how, when I darken the color, white lines shows up

thx! I can’t edit the post anymore, but I will use this tip thanks! @dynachamp

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how to do it???

Since it’s a wiki, you can click the Edit box on one of those guides to add your creations. The directions should be in the guide.

when you go into the appearance section it will say it

which one of those topics is better, I mean like newer

It was made after the character limit was breached on the first one i think

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how do I edit the whole forum, like having a file in the forum? (last question)

what do you mean, have a file in the forum…? like make a new topic?

do the discobot tutorial. you’ll have a message in your user menu, and click on it to start.
it’ll help you with the basic mechanics of the forums

like a folder, like when you click on the arrow, it will show the desired topic, like “Bee” you click on it, it will only show information about the bee