Questions plssss help for my Cops and Robbers map

How to play: There’s 2 teams, cops and robbers. Cops try to knock out robbers and robbers try to run away from cops. When a rob ber gets knocked out he gets sent into a random 1 out of 3 jail. The robbers alive can press a button to free the robbers in that jail.

  1. How do you make it that everyone in a zone is teleported elsewhere when a trigger is triggered?
  2. How do you make it that when you d1e you get teleported elsewhere and not spawn at the spawn pad? (i can’t delete the spawn pad)
  3. How do I make it so that a trigger gets triggered only when a person gets knocked out by a player, not by a laser?
  4. When a rob ber got knocked out by a person, he went to jail 3, and I made 3 jails and 3 buttons for each jail, but the buttons for jail 1 and 2 was also activated. How do I solve this problem?
  5. When I tried to save the rob ber for jail 3, nothing happened. How do I solve this problem?

ok. just saw the first one and think i have a idea (i started 4 days ago so mb if wrong)

and idk with the 2nd. can i try make a thumbnail for this game?

(I need 3 thumbnails)

what do you want me too do?

when teleported here, transmit on ---------

I meant like using the zone device

2nd one K.O. manager-checkpoint

To be clear about the second one, I meant like a person d1es, then it triggers a trigger, then that sends on a channel, then like I made it teleport the person to a teleporter by the channel, but that doesn’t work.

You can use a checkpoint to make someone spawn somewhere other than the spawn pad

Question 1:
Have the zone be deactivated. Once a trigger broadcasts on a channel (you can also use wires) turn on the zone. The zone then broadcasts on a different channel (or wire) to teleport players. Wire from the trigger to a wire repeater with a delay of a half second. Have this wire repeater go into the zone, deactivating it. Make sure the scope of activation is global

Question 2:
You can use a checkpoint device to override a spawn pad. Just use a lifecycle (on game start) wired to a relay (all players) that transmits on a channel to activate your checkpoint.

I can help more if you need but I can’t provide pictures.

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and mark that as solution

I mean like in a cops and robbers map where you d1e and spawn jail

Can you explain about the wire?

The lifecycle device activates when the game starts, so you can make it send a signal on a channel that will activate your checkpoint to make you spawn in jail instead of on your spawn pad

This will work for that if you follow my previous steps correctly. Make sure to place the checkpoint in the jail.

The wire is (player enters zone) -> (teleport player here)

When I tested it I just spawned at the jail.

I have an idea that will work. Do you still need help?

It will take me a while to tell you everything. Give me up to 15 min.

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Thank you

Actually the cops spawned at the jail but the robbers spawned in the map