I need 3 thumbnails

  1. For my dig and build map
  2. For my Freeze tag map with fishing and the pirate gim
  3. basically the same but with all the terrains
  4. (Optional for now) Its a platformer cops and robbers map with the grass theme

Like DIU style or smth

With snow and some blocks and people sh00ting each other

I’ll help what do you want them to look like

@JohanGim make thumbnail

Those games are platformer btw.

for the first one make people mining for second make people sh00ting peopel

Arises from ground

I did do the thumbnail thing


If you want me to change anything just let me know!

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okay dont abbreviate dig it up its means smth bad in another language that I speka

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I’ll do dig and build (sounds simple enough)

you speak cantonese?

Thank you

okay done hope you like it

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Thank you.Could anyone do the second one too? Its a snow platformer with ppl sh00ting each other


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Could you make the thumbnail for me?

sorry I am unable to make a thumbnail but I can make a thumbnail and send it to you

??? Can you do it or not???

I need another thumbnail :sweat_smile: : basically the same as the second one but with all the terrains