Questions I have for GimParty

So I am making a Mario Party-esque game that uses a UI button to roll the dice. I’ve already got a Trigger blocked to send message on the channel of the corresponding number, that looks like this:

I want to have a Popup activated on the other end of channels 1-10 that only pops up for the player who pushed the button, or a chat message that says “[Player] rolled a [#]” How can I do this?
Also, how do I make Popups have Next buttons, so its not all on one page?

EDIT: I’ve changed the forum a bit; I’ll bring all my questions here, and someday, give y’all the link to view the map.

-Dice Rolling

-Rules (next buttons); Solved by ClicClac on post 2
-Item Shop (next buttons); Solved by ClicClac on post 2

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First, have you heard of concatenation? This is a textbook example of when to use it! For the popups, do you want it more complex than it just popping up on the channel and showing the number you rolled? You could also use notifications that send to all players (check all options) to tell everyone what you rolled.

To have next buttons, you could make a popup shop!

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uhhh maybe send a broadcast on the number (ex. 1, 2, 3, etc

also clicclac chill out my guy

also make it a 6 sided dice it’ll make your future much better

than in a popup create a block that runs when reverived on channel # (ex. 1, 2, 3, etc), then send a notif with the title of smth
create text with
Triggering Player’s name

and the stuff in it
create text with
Triggering player’s name
“rolled a 1” (change the number it says to the channel he’s receiving on)

repeat that 6 times for all 6 possible outcones

I mean, six is good, but Mario Party is iconic for using 10.

oh then that makes the code hella harder

then just make 10 popups with one block each

in the block
Send a notif
title: create text with
Triggering Player’s name
content: create text with
Triggering Player’s name
“rolled a 1” (or 2, or 3, or 4, … or 10)

Thank you @DXCTYPE and @ClicClac, I’ll use DXC’s design though. I’m a noob at this map building, so I’ll use the next button thing too. I needed an item shop thingy anyway, and that’s for rules too.

The code doesn’t have to be that hard. Save the roll number in a property and reuse it later. You could do this with one popup and one block.

Could you give me a screenshot of what you mean for the block inside of the popups, @DXCTYPE? It doesn’t need to be now, I can come back to this forum later.

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Something like this. If I’m wrong, I’ll delete this photo.

Thank you, @ClicClac. Final question: where is the Send Notification block in the pop-up? It could just be me, but I don’t see it. This will definitely work though!

It’s a channel. You have to use the same channel twice, once to run the block, and once to send the notif. I might be wrong, but you might want to check if it automatically sends…

This is where I am now. Each of those popups have a block set to “when receiving on channel” on channel 1-10, and the trigger is for said channels. The UI stuff isn’t really related, but one is the Roll button.

I can also give you the Code to help, as I have no earthly idea what to do.

Wait, so the trigger does the roll? What you should do is save the roll number as a property instead of broadcasting on a channel made with it. Then broadcast on a separate channel and have one popup receive on that channel. The popup’s block code just needs to set the content to the roll number. Meanwhile, you should have a notification receive on the same channel and send to all other players. It should use the block code that I provided.

Yeah… I’ve got no idea what you mean. I’ll send you the code, if you can show me. Like I said, that is my second attempt at making a map, the first of which did not work.

Don’t send the join code! Would pictures be more helpful?

Yeah, probably. What I meant was the trigger randomly picked a number, then transmits a signal on the channel of said random number. I said it wrong earlier. What Devices will I need?

One trigger.
One property.
One popup.
One notification.
I have to switch classes right now, so regroup in 5-20 minutes?

Sure thing. I’m about to switch too. I can probably be back soon. Alright, I’m back.


I’ll come back here after I’m done with school, 2:45 pm Central, so just post what you were gonna say, @ClicClac, and message me, if that’s possible, so I can give you a link to help me and give you edit access.