Questions I have for GimParty

Here’s a cool thing you can do with blocks!


You can broadcast on channels whose names are determined by variables or properties!
For a next button, you can have a call to action that triggers another popup.
For a notification,

Just make sure that you replace “dice roll number” with the property you use.

So, new issue on the board: How to make it where a Barrier disappears if a player has a Gold Keycard? I’ve already got it to change only for the players, and it doesn’t need to be reactivated. How do I do this?

Couldn’t you use a checker?

I solved it already, using a button attempting to purchase nothing from a vending machine, which sends a signal if the player has the key card. it takes the card, and deactivates the barrier. Problem solved. The dice thing, though. I’ve got the four parts, and the trigger has the block I have at the beginning. What next?

Wait, I’ve got an idea for the dice. I’ll keep my trigger thing, and then transmit to a notification corresponding to the channel. Then, it notifies the triggering player only. I’ll come back and say something if it works!

Oh my goodness, it was THAT easy to do? I only have two notification blocks that have when receiving on channel #, send notification titled You rolled a #. It is kinda repetitive, but its random. Another problem solved :slight_smile:

The map is finally done and ready for upload, I have passed the objectives, but now my thumbnail will not upload, stating “Upload error” with nothing else attached. It’s a JPEG image, but it just will not work. Any tips? Once this is solved, I’ll mark a solution and this thread will no longer be needed. I’ve hit 99% memory, and cannot place anything else important anymore.

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what was the point of that

Why not? Do you have any problem with party face emojis? It was just an expression of emotion.

OHHHH party ok sorry I didn’t get it

Still no response on my email about the thumbnail issue, and I resent the email. And, @Here_to_help, that’s literally what I did. now it just picks a number, then broadcasts on that channel, then sends a notification to the triggering player.

Oh. I thought I read all the posts and you were setting a variable to a random number and then broadcast that variable. My bad.

THIS JUST IN! GimParty is now officially public! It was my own stupidity to not scroll down, and the upload error didn’t affect anything. I would give a link, but I don’t want to be banned. So just search it up on Discovery and support it! I’m at 100% memory, so no physical updates, but some text changes and prop changes might happen. Thanks for your help, everyone!

HORRAY!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I want to play it now, but alas, I cannot. I will later, though.

I hope you make part 2!

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