Question about a comment

Ok, so I once read that if you have properties that start with the same thing, if you type the first part as a property, it renders all of the property “group”. For example, if I have ex1, ex2, and r1, if I put if get property ex, it would take into account for ex1 and ex2, but not r1. Is this true? And how does it work?


Wait it does???

How would we check this? I remember @Cavaire3D talking about this, but I didn’t really understand what they were saying.

I don’t know. I think @Cavaire3D and @Blackhole927 have mentioned it before, but I think it would be useful for my project I am working on. If I could check multiple properties at a time, then I could shorten up code.

I don’t think that would work like that. I think they were saying that it would set all the properties to that number.

I thought that they said something else. I can’t seem to find the comment though. I was asking just incase someone remembered.

I hate when smart people need help from other smart people cuz it makes me realise how dumb i am


Don’t call yourself dumb. We all start out with knowledge to learn, and if you work hard you could become a great! I understood almost nothing when I started, and now (not to brag) I consider myself pretty good. Not the best, but nobody is perfect.


but if a guide includes the word “blocks” then i know i need another way

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Just found the comment:

Don’t be scared by blocks! Think of blocks as mini-devices that run small actions.

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ahhhh dont say the b-word

Ok, so what @Cavaire3D did was “call” all of the channels? I think that is right. Any ideas? And would this work with properties?

Hold on, just realized that this wouldn’t work for my game anyway. I would still need to know something. Well, at least I brought up an interesting topic.

I’m creating a guide about that glitch on the wiki. I hope to have it posted soon,