Quest ideas/how to increase health whilst in the game?

so far im working on quests for my boss map so it will build up slowly while getting quest materials and using them for crafting weapons but so far i need ideas for quests that will build up to a point to where it gives something to unlock the boss area and so far i need to find out how to increase health whilst the game is in play for a rpg leveling up mechanic and figure out multiple quests

You could try not giving them any shield and allow them to gain shield later on.

or maybe i can use this to increase max health whilst in game but could it work? is the question Pseudo-Health, what it does, how to use it (Difficulty: đźź©)
i cast my doubts since pseudo health has probably been patched or something like that

I was going to suggest that, but only certain things can lower pseudo-health and I don’t think that sentry’s or gadgets can effect it.

well then oof so thats off the list but i was thinking it could work for increasing max health like a leveling system

This could help you. Make sure to mark a solution when you get what you need.

btw it also said quest ideas so i still need that b4 i mark a solution

Here is some help.

ok so you this guide, It works btw, and switch money, to health. if that is possible

thanks guys i shall now go back to working on the castle map (wish i could mark multiple solutions to credit both of you guys for helping)

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You might want to wait on that, 100+ new medival props are coming out in a week.

Thanks you them/it/him/her/hat/they/whom for linking my topic!

oh is that what they are adding!

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A quest idea could be you have to fish a special fish to make it into medicine to save a sick child!

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Nice! A quest idea: you have to farm a certain amount of crops and bring them to a person, who makes it into something that you could use to heal you

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