Published map not showing in new releases

I’m sorry. Have you tried just, waiting?

20 min the first time like 10 ish the 2nd time like 4 min the 3rd time because now i have a forum account

hi what is this place about exactly?

my game ive posted it 3 times and it hasnt showed up in new releases thats the basic jist of it

I don’t think that’s a lot of time…

For helping with gmk builds…[The Ultimate Guide to GKC and Gimkit (For beginners)

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I’m Are you all fighting?

well its enough for the game to post on new release

trust me i know what im talking about…ive tested many times and asked others.

Like i would want to help but can’t bc I dont know what yall are talking about?

3-5 minutes is all you need

Oh okay
Sorry I’ve never published a map

pls can yall tell me

their game is not showing up after they published it.

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nah its more of helpful suggestion fighting (i wouldnt even call it fighting)

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how do you publish a game?

do you even play gimkit? no offense? but are we explaining to a gimkit user or new to gimkit entirely?
so we know how deep to explain.

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On the discovery tab.

ya i play like ever night almost

Cue the welcome propaganda… he joined today.

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