Published map not showing in new releases

I just published my map and A its not getting ANY veiws B didn’t show up in new releases and ive done this 3 times simply because i dont have enough veiws and im trying to replublish it but it hasnt worked i might delete the map the maps terrain wars

Am i stupid or?

if not 3k gimbucks down the drain

no its the auto checker…it checks for stuff that violates rules like j0in, c0de, testing, live,etc, and other words not yet discovered to be violating…just narrow down discription and or game name until it shows up (give 2-5 mins after each change for it to show up)

I’m sorry. Have you tried just, waiting?

20 min the first time like 10 ish the 2nd time like 4 min the 3rd time because now i have a forum account

hi what is this place about exactly?

my game ive posted it 3 times and it hasnt showed up in new releases thats the basic jist of it

I don’t think that’s a lot of time…

For helping with gmk builds…[The Ultimate Guide to GKC and Gimkit (For beginners)

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I’m Are you all fighting?

well its enough for the game to post on new release

trust me i know what im talking about…ive tested many times and asked others.

Like i would want to help but can’t bc I dont know what yall are talking about?

3-5 minutes is all you need

Oh okay
Sorry I’ve never published a map

pls can yall tell me

their game is not showing up after they published it.

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nah its more of helpful suggestion fighting (i wouldnt even call it fighting)

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how do you publish a game?

do you even play gimkit? no offense? but are we explaining to a gimkit user or new to gimkit entirely?
so we know how deep to explain.

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