Psuedo Triggers

Props to @Shdwy for this one. As is the custom with @Shdwy, I made the most clickbait title. So here’s a pseudo trigger:


Bu- but isn’t that a counter? Nope. From now on, its a trigger. Its a trigger and it’ll always be the the little brother with all the attention. Think of it: in really simple-complex systems, aka hardware, a trigger has 3 purposes: storing data, receiving on a channel, and broadcasting on a channel. So we get receiving on a channel by using the increment. We get the broadcast by setting the target to 1. We make it repeatable by resetting it each time it hits 1, and it stores data by… hm… Lets think about that.

The counter’s number already is the data stored, so we have to get creative. Gimkit Creative. So deactivation is if it can’t broadcast. Therefore, we use decrement to deactivate it and increment after that to reactivate it. Therefore, we are done. Or are we? We can’t deactivate it multiple times like we can with a trigger because then we have to activate it multiple times. What do we do? We call it a feature, not a bug.

Coming up on episode 2

Pseudo Pseudo Trigger Properties!

Pseudo Trigger Properties (Difficulty 6/10)

The sequel!

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But it doesn’t trigger when you step on it so you lied. :triumph:
Nice guide!

You could use a zone. Or a laser

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Is stepping on it really required in hardware? I think not! Thanks!

So you need a trigger to use a pseudo-trigger for triggering something on the ground?

Maybe… The whole point of this is for building a computer from scratch lol.

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Okay. I just wanted to say something about it. Lol

Ooo cool! Nice guide!

What is “pseudo”?

It means “fake.”

Ok @Haiasi! Thanks!

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How do I step on a counter though?

FYI, the title is misspelled, might wanna fix that.

You don’t. It’s more for computing than for player interactions. And @WhereIsMyCrown, I’ll fix that.

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