Pseudo health problems

So im making an mmorpg and have implemented a pseudo health system, what im not sure of is a way to make weapons from the base game without pseudo health damage a characters pseudo health is there a way to do that?

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What is Pseudo health

Basically its a property that tracks what you decided is health Pseudo-Health, what it does, how to use it (Difficulty: :green_square:)
but this explains it better

I’d think of setting it to 100 on “Knocked Out” Lifecycle, and if the pseudo health is 0 respawn and set it back to 100?

OK so you are trying to use weapons that work with the system, is that correct?

I did make it but decided not to add it because it just works weird.

Ok but what about a live way to show the damage you take?

An overlay displaying pseudo health?

yes i think, Im asking about the weapons Gimkit provides being used with pseudo health

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You can’t do that I think, there isn’t a "Damage Detector’’ thing

but how would the overlay track the player live health instead of just what i define as health

I dont think you can track the actual health other than the alternate one.

I know that there isnt, but if we work on it we can most likely figure it out which is why i asked (We as in the entire community)

I’ll try to find something right now

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I looked in blocks there isn’t a “player Health” thing on there…

okay well imma still try and leave it open in case someone figures it out…
Thanks for trying!

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Good luck!

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you probably couldn’t create a bar like it does for the actual health, but you could probably use a game overlay to show the property of health.

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I have, and almost anything is possible in gimkit, even things previously thought impossible have been done now