Project Farmchain Remastered

As my huge project (Farmchain Remastered) is still in progress, it is play-able right now, but won’t work the same without Props, Gimmicks, Etc.. Give me ANY ideas below in comments

How to make a horse stable (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ ),
How to make animals in Gimkit Creative! - #60 by NavyCatZ,
How to Make a Black Cat,
[ 📰 ] Resources For Farming

Nice, I think I might add a credits area. Good thinking, @GimkitLuvuh

rideable tractor using this guide

um, ok, will add too

@speedy_kd4, The problem I have with this is that my map is a bit too small for this, and my peanut brain would explode too :exploding_head:

Maybe add a inside of a barn where there are animals plotting against the gims like animal farm. (A book)

Or add secret tunnels that lead all around the map.

I’m pretty sure animals plotting against gims isn’t like animal farm… can you clarify the connection, so I can understand?

Animal Farm is about a bunch of animals plotting against their abusive farmer. Its a great book I recommend it.

No- I’ve read it. Can you explain the connection? I didn’t understand the connection you made with the book and gimkit, although that might just because it’s been two or three years since you read the book.

Then again, I primarily focused on the book as an analogy to warn of the dangers of communism… but also didn’t Napoleon end up making friends with the farmers at the end or something, while oppressing the other animals?

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If no ideas are being put in, then please stop. I need this for the map, it’s not a great time to talk about other things now.

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