How to make a horse stable (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

first you wanna get a text from devices set the text size to 144
Screenshot 2023-11-13 12.06.20 PM

then search up a horse emoji like this one :racehorse: then copy and paste in the text
Screenshot 2023-11-13 12.08.00 PM

then get a a wooden fence vertical
Screenshot 2023-11-13 12.08.54 PM
then put that fence on the other side
Screenshot 2023-11-13 12.09.27 PM

then get a horizontal wooden fence
Screenshot 2023-11-13 12.10.06 PM

then put the fence above again
Screenshot 2023-11-13 12.10.36 PM
then hold your mouse
over the horse stable then hit c and there you go

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Nice guide! I changed it from Help to Community Made Guides and added a difficulty for you!

thank your for doing that

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Didn’t they already make this in a different guide?

Not to my knowledge, this came out first