(PATCHED) How to crash the game [1/10]

This guide is for the people who want to crash the game, either to be scary, or just rude.

Step 1: Devices

The following devices will be needed to crash the game:

  • Popup x1
  • Questioner x1
  • Wire Repeater x1
  • Button x1 (Replaceable)

Step 2: Setup

  1. Have the button transmit on a new channel.
  2. Open the popup when receiving on the new channel. Change the settings of the popup to not be closeable.
  3. Wire the button to the wire repeater. Transmit on the wire when the button is pressed.
  4. Set the wire repeater to have a delay of 0.1 (This number can be higher if you want the player to see the popup’s contents before the game crashes).
  5. Wire the wire repeater to the questioner. When receiving the pulse, open the questioner.

Congratulations, the game will now crash whenever the button is pressed.
This is my first guide on the forums, so recommendations for future guides would be appreciated.


I didn’t think that would actually work! Now I can crash my friends game XD

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I can’t tell if this was made as a joke, or just being totally serious.
Little did I know this was legitimate of trolling rules. :imp: Ha ha!

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nice troll
pictures will help most people understand your guide better


It works! Also, I’m laughing because what it took to “figure this out” lol

Wow. This could be very lethal as a trap. Thinking about it you could use a game overlay to tp to the button that activates the crasher, and they would have no idea.

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wait is this just the age-old questioner trick that electro found
or does this do something else
what exactly does this do?


this works great if u make the popup say UR screwed then connect the button to a trigger first that has a 3 sec delay then to the wire repeater

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probably do it at the end of a really difficult game

I think it’s becuase the overlay and the questioner being activated at almost the same time makes gimkit not know what to do when both UI’s are open and so it just crashes the game.

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you should add this to this compilation thingy.

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As far as I can tell, it’s just a soft-lock popup. Does it actually crash? I’m too lazy to test it.

yeah thats what i thought

Yes, doing this causes this game crash

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this is definitely the most evil, wicked troll ever.


Why would you make this? This so so evil! :smiling_imp:

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i tested this on my map and forgot to get rid of it then i published it with that right in the begining :person_facepalming:

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If any admins have any control make sure this doesn’t get fixed. I’m using it as an ending in my “Hacked” game

Sadly they patched it…