(PATCHED) How to make the Game Crashing Trap

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I was browsing the forum today and saw a post from user @Gaming that was a device on how to crash a game. I then decided that I could make a very very funny trap. So, without further ado and credit to Gaming, let us get into the trap.

First, you’re going to make the crasher. Now, I am not going to show how to make it, but I am going to put Gaming’s guide here: How to crash the game [1/10] - #6 by I_Am_Bigfoot
(For the guide, replace the button with a trigger and make sure it is triggered when receiving on a channel.)

Once that is done, add a button with these settings:

Now add a notification with a block like this:

Then link the button to the notification, and you are done!

You now have a trap that whenever someone presses the button, it will crash the entire game that they’re in.


but… why? why do you want to crash the game? that’s how i lost a friend almost

also don’t ping gaming every time you say gaming’s name. you don’t need to ping gaming 3 times to credit them. just do it once and link their guide, that’s already 2 notifications


It just crashes the game that you are in and doesn’t affect any of your items in your locker so you could use it for trolling friends or something like that.

this has already been done a bunch

They patched it I think.

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btw I’m new to the forums

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we can tell

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@I_Am_Bigfoot I’m changing the title as this no longer works


Well, at least they patched it lol.

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