PandaPants2000's Wiki on Everything Pokemon terrain!


This snorlax is amazing, pls put the steps you took to make it like the outline, then the color

Let’s do a poll. I want everyone to vote on this.

Make :scroll: The Ultimate Guide to Pokemon?
  • Yes!
  • No
  • :bear:
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its closed

why make an ultimate guide when there is barely anything to work with? like 7 out of 9 pokemon tagged guides are actually good and plus there’s already a resources guide for that idk if its been updated tho
(the ones I’m not counting is the turn based combat cuz that can be used for a variety of things and the resources guide)

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Why pokemon
OIP (8)

It should be a guide. And not having guides doesn’t necessarily mean there shouldn’t be a wiki.
I mean, take these for examples…
[ :scroll: ] The Ultimate Guide to Creative Platforming!
:scroll: The Ultimate Guide To PvP!
:scroll: The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Decorations
These barely have two or three…

what’s you mean?

eh true so keep your 10 ultimate wikis… for now >:3

No, I mean like what type of Pokemon game he trying to make

This was for an entire new way of creating maps in creative.


I know! Exactly! It’s brand new…
So many different things can be made from it…

[still waiting for 7th’s guide she said she was gonna make that had marshmallows in it]
[drinks apple juice whilst waiting too]
cant wait for dem marshmallows :3

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Hm. That’s weird. People can make ultimate guides to emojis, letter device formats, and ideas, lore and plots for games, but they don’t want Pokemon.

gawds lag is insane rn ngl

ebfaebvkj look another



You said

but People can make whatever they want, they don’t have to follow something that tells them what they can or can’t do.

All of these are amazing @Trasch

thank you again, but its kinda easy aside from the map loading wall terrain thingy
then i’m not able to walk over my art and I have to erase It all

Um, maybe you’re proving my point?
Ah, well, I guess it won’t be made for now.