Other than using

so the device item spawner spawns items to collect but you can not attach wires to them so is there another device I can use to drop items for players to collect?

Maybe this guide would help!

Also this should probably be in the Help category
This isn’t really a dropped item but it could look that way. (no shadow, no float effect)

@Jobozo1875 I did devices becuase it has to do with devices

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Devices is for concepts and a trash pile


wdym concepts? and trash pile

when someone proposes a concept like keyboard binding and people try to figure it out
trash pile because thats where me move off topic things


who made this help iu did not

me because it belongs there and more people are going to help if its tagged as this

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ok thanks now lets stop getting off topic

does anyone have answers to this or my https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/t/mini-game-in-my-map-with-sentry-knouckout/59068?u=adagio_sostenuto help questions?

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