Mini game in my map with sentry knouckout

hey guys so in this miniigame i made for my laser mase map you have to knockout the right sentry of the three sentry’s there and something happens when you knockout each of the sentry’s so my question here is…
how to make it so that the actions done when knoucked the sentry is randomized between sentrys like If one has end game one has deal damage and one has item spawner how would I make it so that each time someone is there to play that mini game the action of the three sentrys are switched around meaning the actions used in the example above?

use block codes to randomise it

pictues please othewise i will not know what to do

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i personally wouldn’t know how to do that but someone here should be able to do it
(sorry i cant help myself)

How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version)

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