Ok so nobody is

ok nobody has answered my Other than using question all that well so I have to specify better on this question what I mean.
can someone tell me how to make an item on the floor that one can pick up with out using a item spawner device are there other devices I can use to drop a item to collect that is not the item spawner?

No, the dropping items (like in Fishtopia) isn’t possible as of right now, but @Foxy has a good guide involving item images.

Also no reposts.

You could use…
Zone, item image, and item granter (not spawner)…so when they step in the zone where the item image is…they are granted the item.

rigth i got the same response on my other one but you cant add wires to item spanwers and I want to add four of them dropping for items and depending on which you click something happens like if I pick up the zapper the game ends and if I pick up the pml I take damage if I get the evil eye it removes a barrier

Alright, give me a second to open Gimkit and figure it out…

Give me a minute to make something up in a map to show you what I mean.

i understand ms.lange but i want them to take one of the four items shown and a specific thing happens look at what I said to @TigriRose

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So for the example you provided… three of the items they can pick up… one ends the game…

Place an item image for each item.

Place a zone over the item image.

Wire each zone to a corresponding item granter (NOT a spawner).

Wire a wire repeater to the zone for the item you want picked up to end the game.

Set a delay of 1 second on the wire repeater.

Wire the wire repeater to an end game device so that the game ends when the wire repeater receives a pulse. Would this work?

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i do not think so i am awaiting @TigriRose

So, each zone could be wired to a Granter & your responding action.

Just link each corresponding zone to a wire repeater with a delay attached and then wire that to whatever you need… End Game… Damager…Remove Barrier…Etc…

It does take up a bit of extra memory and if you are good with using channels, you might be able to use them instead of wires for some of the actions.

Ok, @adagio_sostenuto sorry for the late reply. This is a mini guide on how to do it:

Finished product:
Screenshot 2024-06-11 2.58.47 PM

Step One

You will need a lifecycle, a relay, two wire repeaters, a checker, and an end game device. You will also need four item granters, four buttons, and four item images.

Step Two

Put down the four item images and switch them to the thing you want them to be. Resize the buttons to the smallest they can be and place them in position. Wire them to item granters granting the item in the image.

Step Three

Next, place the lifecycle, relay, wire repeater 1, checker, wire repeater 2, and the end game device in a line, like so.
Screenshot 2024-06-11 3.04.09 PM

Lifecycle Settings

Screenshot 2024-06-11 3.04.52 PM

relay has no changes

Wire Repeater 1

Screenshot 2024-06-11 3.06.54 PM
The 0.1 is very important! The system will not work without it!


Screenshot 2024-06-11 3.08.02 PM

wire repeater 2 same as wire repeater 1

end game device has no changes

lifecycle > relay, event occurs, trigger relay
relay > wire repeater 1, relay trigger, repeat the wire pulse
wire repeater 1 > checker, pulse received, run check
checker > relay, check fails, trigger relay
checker > wire repeater 2, check passes, repeat the wire pulse
wire repeater 2 > relay, pulse received, trigger relay
wire repeater 2 > end game device, pulse received, end game

And there you have it!
(If it doesn’t work, double-check everything.)


please don’t use the unresolved tag for these things

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Yes, unresolved is only for topics that may not have a solution.

well at least for ones that are extremely hard or just don’t have a solution for now

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ok so @TigriRose very confusing solution also I want one to remove a barrier

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I know it is a confusing solution, but it is the only way I know. It is better then @Ms.Lange’s (sorry) because having the player enter the zone and the game suddenly ending is kind of sudden. This option eases the process more.

Also, what do you mean, remove a barrier?

If it means what I think it means, I might have a solution for that.

I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but you can just use the “Item Image” device set to the item of use, and a “Button” device under it that cannot be seen in game. under the “Appearence” tab in the button, make the Button Message “Collect item”. I think this would be helpful because the button can be wired.

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