One Way Out Collection

Here is my One Way Out Collection! This time, I used other people’s guides and credited them.


There is a guide for this part. I have explained this before, but you just need to place a prop, a button under the prop, a popup near it, and wire the button to the popup (button pressed>open popup). However, you can do the same thing, but instead of a button, you use a zone.

Internal Monologue

Really isn’t that important, but important to the lore. However, I haven’t unlocked this yet, so bear with me.

  1. I don’t know how to unlock this, so whatever you have to do, wire it to a popup.
  2. Set the popup to “banner.” Then, duplicate that popup however many times you need.

Since I am not experienced enough to do this, I have found some sources to help you duplicate the map.

My Tip

My best tip is to go to the Gimkit Fandom and go to the Map section. Beware of the wall limit, and good luck duplicating it.


Here is a post by Haiasi about the area you purchase weapons from. While Haiasi didn’t give the directions, you could infer this is very hard.


If you want to make those barriers between stages, then you can view the guide by Anythinger here.

Checkpoint Teleporters

I have an idea about how to make the checkpoint teleporters. Place a teleporter in the lobby at the checkpoints, and place a barrier over/in front of it. Repeat this at the area between the two stages, but the barrier must be over it. Now we’re going to stay at the inter-stage area. Place a button near the teleporter and make it not visible in-game. Wire it to a checker (button pressed>run check) and wire the checker to an item granter (check passes>grant item). Make sure the item granter grants -x, x being how much of the item is taken away because granting means addition and adding negative numbers is the same as subtracting a positive number from another positive number (for those who don’t understand how the math works). Now, wire the checker to the barrier. The wire should be check passes>deactivate barrier. Now, you’re done! I think you’re done. I just need to test this.


Credits are listed in chronological order.






please wait, i have to take a break, play the piano, etc and I will finish this later

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Hey there @eiqcrmeliutgwhc! I suggest finishing this guide soon because iirc (if i recall correctly) the tl1 editing limit is 1-3 days.
Also, what is this guide for?

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It’s 1 day, and it’s how to make specific things in one way out

(Until your trust level 2, in which it’s one month)

this guide is for anyone who wants to duplicate some aspects of one way out and crediting sources and inspiration along with my own guides


Nice job so far!

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Just asking, could you add this post i created and credit me as well?

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(nevermind, question answered)

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I don’t think you would need a difficulty


Yeah, collection guides don’t have difficulties.

there may be one way out, but there are multiple ways to bump!

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