How do I make a map kinda like one way out

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Sorry, the 1wo tag is unused. What part do you need help with?

uhhhm the shop case when i go in game i can just pick up the evil eye and it dose not cost anything

I haven’t played one way out in about two months, so I don’t remember much. You could connect a vending machine to an item granter, so when you buy the vending machine, you get the item, but lose cash.

This is my version of the One Way out purchasable gadgets system.
If you want the Evil Eye to cost nothing, make the Vending Machine “Required Item” setting 0 cash to purchase.


but i wnant it to be 100$

Then you can make it 100 cash.

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use ur imagination :grin:

Go to the vending machine in the “featured” tab and make the required amount 100.

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