How to make the the buying system like in 1wo

how do I make it so like you have to buy 2 things to enable buying it

This is kinda hard. It would take blocks and maybe a few vending machines. This might be too hard. @ClicClac , @Blackhole927 , or @getrithekd , help?

Try these guides and see if they help;

let me know if these help.

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@WolfTechnology , I thought they meant whether they could have something cost, say, one energy and one cash at the same time. @Switch , is this right?

I don’t understand the question…

Well that is impossable to make an item cost 2 different items.

When First Vending Machine Purchased → Increment Counter
When Second Vending Machine Purchased → Increment Counter (With Target Value of 2)
Target Value Reached → Activate Vending Machine (the one you want).

You can change the number of an item to cost, but you cant make it cost 2 items.


No it is not.

Player presses button → Check (2 checks, chick if both items are greater than price - 1, both checks must pass)

Check Passes → Attempt to Purchase (1st vending machine)
Check Passes → Attempt to Purchase (2nd vending machine).

End result-It’s possible, but clunky. (2 machines)

When you have bought twice, you can buy from another vending machine.

Actually, you can.
Button (That says what it costs)
Item granters/removers

If you buy from both vending machines, this system allows you to buy from a new vending machine.

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oh , well darn i had no idea.

Well, the more you know.
Happy Gimkitting!

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What is this in 1WO? I haven’t played it in a while. Like, where and how does it work?

um to correct yall 1wo is not a thing, its OWO, that is the abreveation.

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People just say 1WO sometimes because it’s one way out.