How to make the the buying system like in 1wo

i know i just have called it OWO sence the mode launched and its pernounced that way on the fandom, and also i just wanted to try something new, i think gold and black looks good.

Yeah, that makes sense.

(I have no ideas for a new pfp)

let me look for some for you, color choices?

The discord calls it 1wo because of InkyDarkBird.

oh, the fandom calls it OWO because if me and @MuffinHunter0823

What I mean is that the discord used to call it owo, but stopped because of InkyDarkBird.

ok, will do, but i don’t have discord so i will just send them here then delete the post, like edit it.

Maybe have a checker that checks for 2 things?

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