How would one turn on rarity colors for Gadgets?

I need to turn on rarity colors in my creative map and I don’t know how.

they should be on by default

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What do you mean by rarity colors? Because if you’re referring to the item in a vending machine or your inventory the @kyro is right.

What do you mean by “rarity colors” for gadgets?

Maybe they have hit their reply limit?

Each rarity and it’s gadget automatically has a color. You can make different colored-barriers to your gadget shop to fit the rarity.

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For vending machines, go to their Settings —> Appearance —> Set “Match Item Rarity” to Yes (after you add a granted item for the vending machine in the “Featured” section in the vending machine settings). Hope this helps, and if it does, make sure to mark it as a solution!

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