One Night Werewolf/Mafia Game Guides

I was wondering if there were any guides for how to make a Mafia/One Night Werewolf inspired game. I was unable to find any. If there isn’t I guess I’ll just have to wing it.

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like among us? if yes, this post might help

I don’t think that there are any guides. However, ONW is the same genre as among us, so maybe you could find stuff there. Are there any specific things you need help with?

I don’t think so but I haven’t started the map yet. I’m not that good with the devices but I think I can figure it out.

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Just tell us if you need help. What exactly are you thinking of?

I was thinking there is a were wolf and at night all the players go into houses, barriers shut behind them, the werewolf(who’ll be on another team)’s will go up to a house, who they want to kill and it will have like three slots, the werewolf goes into their labeled one and it autokills the player. Then the werewolf is teleported back to their house and then the medic/healer comes out, chooses who they want to save, go back to house.then the sheriff comes out, chooses who they want to jail, go back to house then its. Daytime. Also those characters will have a limited amount of time to do their things then they’ll be automatically teleported home. Then at daytime I haven’t really thought about it yet. If this is confusing just tell me…

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No, that’s not very confusing. Yeah, basically, it’s mafia in Gimkit. You could probably make a guide for this when you’re done. So, what specifically do you need help with?

It sounds like mafia and ONW mixed together. Pretty fun. My suggestion would be to not kill anyone before daytime happens, because if you switch their team to spectator, the medic can’t save them. This also sounds like it would be fun locally, but almost impossible online.

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It’d probably be the killing players or the barriers activating. Or the voting, but I know there’s a guide for that

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How would each team win the game?

I don’t think ill switch their team to spectator but just respawn them in like a cemetary


Um I think they would win when either everyone’s dead or the werewolf is voted out


You could use tag zones for killing and use this guide for the doors.

I think you could use a checker to check the number of players in the game to teleport the mafia back.

Both of those are easy to implement, so there should be no problems there!

For the medic and sheriff, a popup shop ala getrickd would help out with choosing who to heal or take out.

Yeah, that could work.

The one thing I dont want to do is let the person who is killed see the werewolf bc if the medic brings them back they can tell everyone

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Maybe add a barrier on top of the houses that’s deactivated only to the werewolf so they can see?

Hmm yeah that sounds like a good idea.

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Put a barrier over the whole map above the players in layers during the night for everyone but the werewolf medic and sheriff.