On the Nature of a Vending Machine: A Deeper Dive into its History of Market

Credit to @ClicClac and @WhoAmI For the original On the Nature guide!


The Vending Machine is of the Stora genus of the Metala family. Vending Machines are Metal Signs that have a screen printed with the item it sells. The Stora Vinda, which is what the Vending Machines go buy in the scientific world, can sell any item in the game. This device is usually visible, and is one of the devices that was first there on the start of Gimkit Creative. The Vending Machine takes up 125 memory, and as it is used much, it will probably take up a lot. There can be up to, according to @WhoAmI, 800 Vending Machines in one game! That’s a lot!

Qualities of Use

The Vending Machine, or more commonly known as “VM”, is a device that enables us to buy any item that is available in the game. For example, if you have 10 cash, and the VM sells an Evil Eye(TO DESTROY YOUR MOST HATED ENEMIES!!!) for 5 dollars, you could trade five of your dollars for that EE.

It’s Relationship with Other Devices

In the great settings of the VM, you can see that, for the wires, you can wire so that when something is purchased, you can activate or deactivate something!

Settings of the Great VM

Let’s hop to @mysz’s Point of View for some of the settings! Right out from the TUGTED Part 1!

The "A"s are in FEATURED. The "B"s are in APPEARANCE. There are some missing from APPEARANCES, though. Let me finish them!

B7. Sound Enabled: On, it will play a sound when purchased. Off, it won’t.
B8. Cast Shadow: Exactly what it sounds like! On, it will cast a shadow underneath, and Off, it won’t!

C. Availability
C1. Deactivate On Purchase: When allowed, after you purchase, the VM will automatically deactivate after you buy something. Basically, it is a Stock of 1. See E1 for more information.
C2. Active On Game Start: If said “Yes”, the player will be able to purchase from the Vending Machine on Game Start, and if said “No”, the player will be able to purchase from the VM only after it is activated.
C3. Active Scope: If set to “player”, the activation and deactivation of the VM will only be set to the specified player. For “team” and “global”, it is the same, except for when set to “team”, the VM’s scope is for the specified team, and for “global”, all players are affected.
C4. Activate when receiving on: When receiving on the channel entered into the text box, the VM will activate.
C5. Deactivate when receiving on: When receiving on the channel entered into the text box, the VM will deactivate.
C6. Team Allowed To Purchase: On “Any Team”, any team can purchase. On any other team, only the specified team is allowed to purchase from the specified VM.

D. Adaptive Cost
D1. Use Adaptive Cost: Enabled, the cost of the selling item will increase accordingly to the amount of players in the game.
D1.5. Adaptive Cost Increase Per Player: After you have enabled Adaptive Cost, this will show up. The amount here will multiply by the amount of players in game, and be added onto the actual set amount. Se A2.

E. Stock
E1. Use Limited Stock: Enabled, after the amount of purchases in E1.33, the VM will automatically go out of stock, deactivating.
E1.33. Limited Stock Amount: The maximum amount of purchases before the VM deactivates itself. Set by entering a number into the text box.
E1.66. Limited Stock Scope: See C3. Same thing, just for the Stock.

F. Funding
F1. Allow Funding: Allowed, no matter how much of the required item you have, after entering the amount you have, the amount on the screen of the VM will increase until the required amount is reached. At that time, the numerator of the fraction will reset to 0, or however much you have left over. All of the item in your inventory will be added.
F1.5. Funding Scope: See C3. Same thing, just for the funding.

G. Channels
G1. When item purchased, transmit on: See A5
G2. Activate when receiving on: See C4
G3. Deactivate when receiving on: See C5
G4. Attempt to purchase when receiving on: When receiving on the channel entered in the text box, the VM will attempt to purchase the item to be sold with whatever the player has.


To summarize everything, vending machines are useful, helpful, and big devices that belong to the genus Stora. Thank you for reading through all of this! As always, @Blizzy is out!


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