Omg i just got hacked in gimkit help idk what happened

what the heck i just got hacked!!!

i am freaking out how did this happen and why to me?!!?

Ok hold on…

Did you share your username or password with anyone?
Also how do you know you got hacked?

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we need more details like how do you know you got hacked? what happened?


ok so no i did not shar my user name and password and they stole all my gimbucks and changed my name


how many gimbucks did you have and what did they change your name to

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How did they steal gimbucks? Did they buy anything?


i was saving my gimbucks for months i had 5’000+ gimbuks and they changed my name to finger up his inappropriate thing and idk if he bout stufe it look like he linked his acount to mine and just yanked it

You could’ve just said inappropriate username…

I noticed this topic, are you sure you didn’t give them your password and stuff?I want to send 100 gimbucks to a freand how do i do it?

but gimkitcalvina aksed what it was

and no it was wail i was waiting for replise wen it hapned

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I understand but it’s violated the rules, next time or if there is just say inappropriate username.

delete that pls you will get flagged.

ok you got it i have to us 20 letters so

Just saying, but it only takes 3 weeks to get 500 gimbucks (even without the ticket) if you max out your daily XP every week.

it was 5 thousand or over

Wow, so many people getting hacked, uh oh so first use your email (aka recovering gimkit acc) or contact Gimkit to get your account back. (If these steps can’t be done I’m sorry, I wasn’t reading the replies tbh)

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(sigh) ok ill try it

if he did then you can probably just change the email and password i believe