I want to send 100 gimbucks to a freand how do i do it?

please i want to give a firend 100 gimbucks but i do not now how. any one who help/figer out a way i will give them 500 gimbucks

huuu maby only 450 buck but still a lot right?

There isn’t a way to do that.

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awwwww man come on she realy needs it

The best you can do is suggest it on gimkit.nolt.io. However, I’m almost positive this has been suggested, and will, unfortunately, probably not be coming soon. Also, this forum is really supposed to be specifically for Gimkit Creative, sorry.


You can’t send any gimbucks to other players at this point. I can only suggest posting it here.

you can’t currently do that, it has been suggested, but I think it has not been added yet because it runs the risk of two people sending each other tons of gimbucks and basically spamming the game. If your friend needs gimbucks, I suggest playing Tag: Domination.

get nolted

It most likely won’t be added because you could easily abuse it by using an alt to give yourself gimbucks.


There is no way to send gimbucks too contreversal

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@dinomite, please mark a solution.

Yeah, it would completely destroy the cosmetic economy.

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yeah, I think the only thing that you can send them is the season pass

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