Omg i just got hacked in gimkit help idk what happened

ok good that will also help thank you all for your help


it worked! oh thank god it worked now i have my 5’650 gimbucks again


congratulations, have a great rest of you day or night, make sure to change your password if not already.

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nice! :slight_smile:


Please mark a solution too.

No, without the ticket every week you get 1,500 gimbucks, not 500.

@dinomite, mark a solution.

Seriously, how do you make your text smaller I could barely see that it said β€œWhew”!

My bad, I meant 5000 gimbucks.

i did don’t you see it?

With the ticket, you get 2,000, if I’m not mistaken.

Now I see it, sry about that,

Yep, but he said without the pass, but yes you are correct.

but that is wrong to 1’500+1’500+3’000 3’000+1’500=4’500

well thank you all and all a good day? night? night day? how ever long is left of your day

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