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Hey guys I need help with my canva and I needed images of gims and I got a lot I just don’t wanna do it where I have 20 of one person’s fan art you all can make your own to add as long it has a clear background and it’s a gim or about gimkit it-self

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My not-so-good drawing:

Does this work?

js wondering: what is it for?

SUre you want your name under for credit?

Ummm yeah that would be appreciated

It’s for my all items in gimkit I’m adding as many images of gims as possible and props and devices and many of the images we see on a normal gimkit creative map

would you also like credit for your drawing/gim I’ll add this one as well

how do I do that credit thing?

how do u add images into a map? ik how to do the text emoji squares thing. is that what you’re talking about?

oh ok but sure you can do that

Uhm well what I’m adding in these images for is the canva I’m working on but if you look up image it’s the first thing that comes up in devices idk what the thing is called but anyways you can add only items to it but I was talking about the canva

item image is what its named

oh. didn’t know that was a device. can we make our own gims or just make art of other gims

Sure uhm just make sure it’s appropriate and make it a image with clear backround

we already have a guide for all images
2 in fact

All those gims are from the internet, I’ve seen them on the fandom, please credit whoever made them, otherwise, it’s plagiarism.
@Li1_reaper, I’m serious.
And this isn’t GKC.
Please mark a solution.

Yes, you did ask, but we never said “yes”. Also, this isn’t GKC.

Regardless, this isn’t GKC! Please close this


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