Object Oriented Programming

This is a massive undertaking to make object oriented programming. I’ve thought about it, and it needs a property-memory allocation system, a thing to treat the objects AS OBJECTS, and I don’t know if we need anything else. Functions would be vital for this. We would also need a method-calling thing that can recognize the name of the object and the class of the object. Here’s some pings:

Here is what object oriented programming is:
I’m currently working on making object oriented programming. This type of programming can make objects that are all of the same types but have different values for their characteristics.

We can have a building class that has a characteristic of height and one for number of rooms. Of, course, there can be more characteristics, but I’ll just have 2. So, we can have an apartment build with a height of 58 feet and has 100 rooms, and an office building, with a height of 100 feet and has 46 rooms.

Why am I doing this? This will allow for greater programming flexibility for games like chess and checkers. It could also help with animation.


Can you make this post a wiki for a second?

Hi! (pretending I got pinged so that I’m smart)

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I’m not a regular.

Umm… I know Python and some other OOPs and uhh… good luck.

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Alright, where are we starting? Also, @ClicClac!

So basically, I learned some stuff, but not as much… what are your plans?

We could have a trigger, and a bunch of blocks and we could make a sort of “class” that we can call on a channel

We need plans for:
memory allocation (probably easiest)
getting functions
recognizing classes
treating as objects

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And we could make properties as like parameters

I FORGOT ABOUT THE PARAMETERS!!! We’ll only get 5-6 methods and 2-3 characteristics per object then.

Like teleport(x,y) would be an example.

Yeah. I didn’t think about how using player scopes, players are treated as objects.

Oh wow… making OOP might be harder than just working around not using it lol

But that sounds fun :slight_smile:


Nerd websites:


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That’s why we do this. Work arounds are usually boring.

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How would you make a class though? Because the blocks are the object, but there is now way to define one with a class

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We just have a bunch of triggers or item granters with blocks (methods) and the the properties with those.

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Wait nvm. We have a class with a buncha properties and the object we make from the class

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And triggers. Yes. I don’t want to do this. But…

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How would this be practical though? It probably takes more memory than a workaround.

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