No weapon sentry?

Is there any way to make a sentry not hold a weapon? I have it so that it does not shoot but the weapon makes the scene look weird. I have tried to hide it but in some cases hiding the weapon is not possible. help pls.

Yes, use an item granter. i think it’s patched tho.

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You can place a Barrier over it to stop it from shooting but it’s no longer possible due to Sentry-Device interactions being patched.


place a prop on top of the weapon
go to “layers”
set the prop’s “layer” to “above”

it should cover up the weapon nicely


XD haiasi ur so fast at checking posts

I thank you for trying to help, but if you know that the solution you are providing is patched, and therefore doesn’t work, why do you give it? It will not solve the problem and if the person who has created the topic hasn’t heard of sentry interactions, it will probably confuse them if they try this solution and it doesn’t work. I do not mean to offend you or anger you, and I’m sorry if what I said does offend or anger you.


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