Nightmare room: help

I’m making a game called “Dreamwave”. In the game, you have a nightmare. I need these questions answered:

  1. Should the nightmare be scary, or something else. (comment your idea if you chose something else)
Scary, or something else
  • Scary
  • Something else
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  1. Should the nightmare be a lot of rooms, or one big space, or both (a big space with side rooms)
Lots of rooms, one big space, both
  • Lots of rooms
  • one big space
  • both
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  1. Where should the nightmare be? Outside or inside? Where?
Outside or inside?
  • Outside
  • Inside
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(Will create a poll for options of outside or inside, whichever gets the most votes.)
Outside wins, there will be a lot of rooms too. Taking suggestions for outside rooms!

Nice, I hope you have fun making the game. :slight_smile:


So the scary idea seems good but you could also make a cloudy dream thing but that might not go along with the whole nightmare idea

Don’t vote twice. (I will see who voted twice)

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Welcome to the forums, @astralmoonlight!

Welcome to the forums @astralmoonlight!

How is the dream outside if there are rooms?

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Let the poll decide

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Oh, thanks! I used to have a account but I couldn’t log in, so here I am in a new account…

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I don’t know. Houses, maybe?

Just out of curiosity (I know this is susceptible to flags), what was the account called?

hi just came here but i think gimmaster12345 has a good idea

I used to be “CrystalGirl” but you probably don’t know that account.

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Yeah, I don’t. Now I will remain on topic.

Welcome to the forums @GIMKIT.CREATIVE!

Don’t steal my idea, or at least don’t copy me.

Good luck on your idea!


Edit: poll is not deleted, this will stay

@no-one, don’t vote twice
(just to make sure nobody votes twice)

Oh i didnt vote twice i just chose both

You voted twice, each time you select a option and vote it, that’s a vote.

Oh oaky sorry i fixed it i just thought creepy and scary would be good so i choose both

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