Needing some assistance

I want some ideas mor mini games I’ve finished my map but now i have plenty of time b4 it’s deadline I’d like to add in atleast 2 more stuff so send in those ideas along with tutorials!Also can i make that when smth happens or for this instance you open a popup u hear music?(imported music idek if u can do that)

Sorry, imported music isn’t possible at the moment

Oof welp tht so lol well everyone else who comes here ya’ll can just answer the first qs abt ideas

You could use some of the tasks from among usHow to Make the Clean o2 Filter/ Clean Vent Task in Among Us (:green_square:)


you could add some barrier art like this

Well okay, they started making milk in the beginning of the world.


Woah, so Eve and Adam must have started this company!


Uh any other ideas? xd

Maybe arcade games? Idk. Could you tell me about what you have right now?

Make the game Chopsticks!

Alr i got a maze a underwater diving game and a market game where you sell

Uh im not familiar with that game lol

Where you hit the other player’s sticks and their sticks go up by however many you had on that hand. If the number of sticks breaches 5, then you subtract 5. If it is exactly 5, then that hand gets out. However, you could split the other hand to revive the hand that’s out.


Oh ok sounds cool ig but idk howw id do it lol

Can we just appreciate again how good of a friend this man is?

Yes. Very good! For the help. There are 2 options: the more tedious, but simpler way, or the more complex, but less tedious.

I was planning to do chopsticks, but anybody is free to do it.

I think it would be fairly easy to do.

Do it!!! (for fun)

Yeah. Just counters for each hand, buttons to hit other’s hands, and then just combining and splitting.