Need jungle ideas

I promised when i got to 300 plays on my super smash gims map i would make a 4th map. Im going to make it jungle themed and i need ideas for things to add to it. (also picture of the ideas would be nice)

maybe this could help?

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um… maybe a waterfall that pushes players?

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hey @GimNo0b are still going to be able to do this


Yah i will be able to but i will have to wait till after school

I cant use the river one because it is a platformer



make it look like the Amazon (no, not jeff bezos kind)


(yes that is my real name, just ignore it

Hers what i have so far


kinda looks chaotic to me. but, u think wutever u want ig

more vines

man if only i had platformer i could help u more, but i don’t, sry.

it’s fully functional btw

that looks really cool!
would you mind if i can do something like that too please

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sure this is my 4th map on my super smash gim map and i think it is the best out of the other maps

How do you have 300 plays?!

321 to be precise :smile: :smile:

thanks @GimNo0b im starting now

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