Need ideas for the section " Spring " on my map. 🌳

I need ideas for what to put… I have this section here:

That is only one section of the spring part… I need some ideas on what to put around the map as prop or decoration. Any ideas?

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flowers [1]

  1. maybe like every couple of grids ↩︎

Flowers :smiley:
probably also this:

How to Decorate your Maps!

(go down to the bottom and open the Happy, Exciting summary)
here’s this too

why did the second onebox open but not the first? :confused:
use the easter section cuz its almost Easter frfr

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See if this helps…

Also, I suggest using layers, because blocky water looks weird.

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maybe add a fishing thing ( I lost the word for it ) with a fishing deck and a fish in a bucket, or maybe flowers
idk if this helps

Layer the water and add bushes.

ah spring the leaves are still falling in spring as they make way for the new leaves so some dead leaves would fit it, another thing is the flowers growing up, weeds everywhere, birds, bugs, and animals are out of hibernation, there isnt a cloud in the sky and it always warm (not in texas for some reason we are still fluceating from winter to summer) adding fish would be nice maybe give the pond more round edges maybe some gravel or sand to do it (or grass that works to) add larger trees and diffrent variations of them, add fruits to those trees or ripeing ones, a bench or small shack where they can enjoy there summer away from the city

thats a lot to put on paper

you can add a bridge and do what @gimmaster12345 did to make it look like it is a different elivation. That and add corla with 0.30 alpha to make it look under the water.


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