Need help with optimization

hmm… this is a topic from a long time ago that got reopened. i was thinking if anyone found some double-triple relay interactions that were helpful? i’m trying to make my game run more smoothly, and i figured the interaction would help since it lets you use fewer devices (and therefore makes the game run better).

if anyone’s been able to optimize their gameplay by using (or not using) the technique, lemme know, okay?

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It’s generally thought that double/triple relay interactions are a dead end, and although they’re fun to think about, they don’t really hold any practical application in games. If you need help optimizing something, you should make a post explaining the what the system you want to optimize does. People will be able to help you better that way.


what game are you making? it might be easier for me to understand, because i don’t know any of the fancy technical gimkit stuff but i might know some shortcuts to using less devices

oof, is that so?

i had a feeling it’d be something like that (which is why i hadn’t seen any in actual games), but i thought it’d still be an interesting discussion point at least.

so ig it’s not very relevant to game optimization after all lol

and yup, good suggestion to make a more specific thread if i need to optimize a specific system :slight_smile:

oh i’m working on a 2d platformer atm, and i want to optimize it for mobile devices like phones so more ppl will be able to play it without a ton of lag or anything.

one big way i know to optimize it is to minimize the number of devices i use (bc that’ll mean less lag for mobile players), but sometimes it gets a lil tricky and i feel like i end up doing it kinda inefficiently lmao :frowning:

so yeah, that’s pretty much what i’m struggling with rn:P

so… platformers are kinda just putting a whole bunch of props down so people can jump on them, and i have no idea what you mean by “platformer atm” but platformers barely have to use devices at all… so…

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im not making a dld style platformer, this one is much more unique.

so, like what apollo did? because if you want to optimize it, just doing it platformer would be much easier

atm=at the moment (in this context)

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oh duh… i thought he meant like a game with atms (the money ones)


hmmm… no an actual platformer style where you run and jump but with other complex mechanics

such as…? can you please give specifics?

Gimkit is very well optimized and it tends only to lag on incredibly old devices. You really shouldn’t be worried about lag. Devices are computed server-side, not clientside, meaning most clientside “lag” originates from a bad internet connection or many props being onscreen at once.


oh yeah that makes sense, i guess i can stop stressing about the optimization so much lmao XD but still, i figure there might be some ways to cut down on the device usage anyways

As I said,

can you please give me specifics on what you are trying to make in this game, so i can help you?

well, sheesh, no need to be rude :neutral_face: but okay, i’ll write up a new thread just discussing optimization options and i’ll make sure to include the details of the game system i’m talking about as well thx for the help:)

can you give us the details now instead of marking a solution?

no need to make a new thread

also blackhole wasn’t being rude in anyway. you just seem to be a little… forgetful…

This isn’t rude lol. I’m simply bringing up a point mentioned earlier to try and help, since you didn’t seem to get it the first time. I guess if that offended you… idk what to say, just trying to help!

i can give you a basic rundown of how it works it’s a 2d platformer, like mario or whatever, and the levels are randomly generated based on seeds and for the gameplay, i use devices to handle things like player movement, damage, lives, the HUD, etc but the platform itself is just props, yeah, so i’m not using many devices for that part