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because gimkit coding is interesting and i wanna see what other ppl who arent just like bh hexa and other gimhookers create


guys, let’s not get started with the ai debacle and just focus on the topic


I was personally more suspicious of the shield part shield doesn’t have tiers


Yeah, that brings back memories. I think adding on top of that, it’s being covered by a human who’s putting things into something like ChatGPT and making it sound more human, posting it, and then denying it’s an AI personally.

On topic, I think that the cars are getting a little too fast:

Mildly fast

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@GimSolver , amidst all the chaos, what do you need help with right now?

Double-Triple Relay Interactions/Mechanic Optimization
Need help with optimization
what is this??? I had a topic and you just… paraphrased it! imagine copying a help topic…


We need a mediator
Bring @wingwave

he’s not active and hasn’t been for 4 hours

How about a kart that is slower than the others but can go around some of the boundaries?


It would be funny if that was the “THEHACKER120” kart. Then the description could be something like “this person is very good at exploiting so they’re able to go around boundaries, however, they aren’t too fast in compensation”


Fox cart
trail of items like cash
weapon: slingshot
speed: 2
off road speed: 0.5

Sabotage cart:

Description: A regular kart with some destructive modifications to keep the faster karts behind

Speed: regular

weapon: rare evil eye

Special ability: can create obstructions on the track which take 3 seconds to remove
* obstructions do not affect the user

I’m reopening this for now, but let’s keep this on topic and not get pulled into arguments. Thanks everyone.


Remember to add a description. Gimsolver wants one.


Name: Grogu’s Cradle
(Rare or Epic)
Weapon: Snowball Launcher (Epic or Legendary)
(Normal Speed or slightly slower)
Blocks against damage
Description: Use the power of the force to protect from all damage.


Introducing…The…Morepeko Cart/Berry-lishous B0mb!!! (not creative, help…)

Speed: idk-kinda slow–fast on land–faster in forests

Wepon: Quatom Portal–Rare

Ability 1: Sabtoge–make other carts slower;reson:threw berries at the wheels


Disciption: This deeelishous cart provides medkits and sheild cans to make sure you’re full! Pick this to be–full, fast-ish, and be on one of the pokemons most famous pokemon–(what did you expect) cart!!!

credit to @Platypus_King for the format- i copied u if that ok :smile:


my kart
Everlark Kart- epic
weapon- epic wand
speed- a significant amount more than normal
cost- 200 coins
description- this kart has a fire ball launcher, which can emit 5 fireballs and then a 1 minute cool down (credits to @twofoursixeight for cool down idea), has a very strong wind, or GALE, in the engine that can bLo w others off-course
abilities- can go fast on land, but a little bit faster in water; can emit fireballs
when off-road its 2/3 as fast

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My kart idea: Flare
Description: A weaponless kart that is able to easily dodge enemies, and has a big engine.
Speed: 1.7X, 0.6X on off-road


Ability 1: Boost increases speed to 3.6X for 3 seconds. 1.8X on off-road.
Ability 2: Boost increases speed to 2.5X for 10 seconds. 1.0X on off-road.
Ability 3: Become immune to all projectiles for 14 seconds. 1.3X on off-road.

Choose only one ability at a time, 50 second cooldown.

Adding off-road stat rn
Buffing slightly since it is weaponless.

Everyone has weapons so this has to be better.