Need help with optimization

what is the “hud”?

gosh i just need to start looking things up dont i… thanks blackhole


that is pretty rude, that is implying i am slow which i don’t appreciate and i don’t need you to shove your answer down my throat but thank you anyway :slight_smile:

ok. so, for the random generating part, you could put a whole bunch of spawn pads at the start of a whole bunch of levels you have started, and i believe it chooses which one you land at randomly (but i could be wrong and it has auo)
(meaning whichever spawn pad you put down first it will land at every time)

blackhole do you know if spawn pads are random or are auo?

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Alright, time to defend myself.
Nobody’s perfect. I forget stuff all the time, including in the middle of conversations regarding things said earlier. My goal, as someone who helps here, is to help you the best I can, and that involves requesting the info I need to help you. You didn’t seem to be providing that info, and so to save both me and you time (time is money, after all), I requested the info I needed again. Sorry if this seemed rude to you, but I need to know your problem in order to help you, and when you don’t tell me it it’s just a waste of time to both of us.

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Are you using a text display to randomly generate the map kind of like Apoll02 did with his platformer, or are you using props that enable/disable based on the seed?

The reason I ask is because you said “use devices to handle player movement”, which implies a text display based approach, but you also mentioned the map is made of props which implies a prop toggling based approach.

Please stop posting on my topic iff you are just going to continue to off-topic post please and thanks, now leave :slight_smile:

he’s NOT off-topic posting. he’s trying to help you!!!

He is talking down on me like i am inferior and i don’t appreciate it so i will take it out of here like the trash, if you want to be off topic please leave too

im not trying to be off-topic, and i dont believe he’s talking down to you.

but im leaving

Alright, I’m out then, good luck with your optimization!


thank you! i will make a new topic with my details :smiley:

I’m going to go ahead and close this. Remember, it’s always ok to just take a deep breath and walk away rather than engage. Tone can be hard to read online.