Need help with my map pls help

im making a box fights and i want it so one and only 1 person spawns in the box

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  1. Do you players to spawn in random arrangements
  2. How many Boxes are there
  3. What is the max number of players you expect
  4. Do you have experience with block coding

i have no experience with block coding

Ok. Ill try to make it easier for you.I can’t help for 3 hours because of something else so see if anyone else has a solution.

Im very sorry @hi12345678 i have been very busy today and wasn’t able to actually show you a solution. I have thought of something that I know will work and be a solution but It is too complex without pictures and I have been able to get to a computer to make the system and screenshot it.
I will have it done by tomorrow.

Wdym by one person spawns in the box

@Gimkitsuggestor Everyone has to have a unique random spawn point but only one person can spawn at a certain spot

well okay then make it so if person spawns there then make it so no one else can spawn there with a zone or something

To add to that Make it so if player teleported there Deactivate Teleporter
and or to make teleports absolutely random follow this guide

How to: Random Teleportation | 3/10

I just tested it and as long as it works the way I tested it, it should only teleport the one player or team and if you use a button or something, just deactivate it once it’s pressed.

no(sorry if it sounds mean)i want it so when the game starts only 1 player spawns in the box

That’s how i set it up. Set the lifecycle event to game start then it will only teleport when the game starts spawning the random one player in the box.

Hmmm give me a minute to think about that

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You can use teleporter on game start that chooses random player so then when they teleport there you place a trigger thats triggers that than reconnects to the teleporter that deactivates it

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use a team switcher to switch them to a separate team and give them a different spawn

how do you deactivate the teleporter?

you wire your teleporter to a trigger which then you will do the option when triggered Deactivate Teleporter

it don’t say that idk why

Hi Gimkitsuggestor I know I shoudn’t do this but can you pls help me with a question. → How to respond to a NPC via buttons on the popup
I really need help and its urgent

can anyone help???

pls help